La conserverie de Bruxelles

Mutualisation of an industrial production line for sustainable food preservation (tapenades, jams, compotes, etc.).

The “Conserverie de Bruxelles” mutualises an industrial production line for sustainable food preservation (tapenades, jams, compotes, etc.), with the objective to support culinary start up entrepreneurs who wish to move from an artisanal stage to an industrial stage.

Through the project, enVie will share its expertise and industrial machinery to meet the needs of other Brussels entrepreneurs, who today have to outsource their production outside of the Region. An economic and sustainable aberration which the Conserverie de Bruxelles wants to remedy.

Concretely, we will offer a quadruple service:

  1. Production of the recipe
  2. Bottling / jars
  3. Pasteurization and sterilization
  4. Labeling

Resources available:

  • Room 1: Preparation room for raw vegetables (cutting machines, peeling machines...)
  • Room 2:
    • 2x 500 L soup kettles
    • Dosing machine in bottles / jars / pouches
    • Autoclave (Sterilisation / Pasteurisation)
  • Room 3: Labelling activities

How does it work?

Please send us details about your project and product, then we will determine how we can help you best: specific production needs, price and lead times.

Contact information: Naomi Smith,​

Please notice that we recommend a minimum starting volume of 250 L.

What’s new?

Solidarity soup for food aid: Robin Food

April 2020.

Having access to healthy food is for many (people in poverty, refugees, homeless,...) a permanent challenge. The crisis of COVID-19 made it even more difficult for most of them to find food: social restaurants were closed, food supplies at food banks and others have decreased tremendously. Many people are left with little or no resources to feed their families. As a result the Food Banks, social groceries and other associations are experiencing a huge increase in demand for support but a shortage in supply.

At the same time, Belgian farmers have experienced huge surpluses due to the decrease in demand (restaurants, collectivities,..) . By making soup we can help both the people in need and the Belgian farmers.

Robin Food is a partnership between: enVie, Rikolto, Riso Vlaams-Brabant, Depot Margot (part of Rimo Limburg) and EIT Food.

Our objective is to transform food surpluses into healthy sustainable food, made accessible to vulnerable people and families. In 2020 we will distribute 70.000 liters of soup, and in the coming month we hope to develop and offer other products through social groceries and associations.

Thanks to La Conserverie de Bruxelles, Robin Food will be able to produce more than 70.000 liters of soup for Robin Food by sharing the enVie production line.

More information?

Naomi Smith,​