Belgische sociale organisatie enVie viert eerste verjaardag:  50,4 ton groente-overschotten gebruikt in enVie-soep het voorbije jaar

The Belgian social enterprise enVie celebrates its first birthday: 50.4 tonnes of fresh surplus vegetable used in enVie soup in the past yea

06/09/2019 - 17:08

After one year, eight people with different backgrounds found their way to enVie. 50.4 tonnes of surplus vegetables were transformed into 100,800 liters of soup. PRESS RELEASE enVie | 06/09/2019

Anderlecht, 6 September 2019 - Today, the Belgian social enterprise enVie is celebrating its first birthday. enVie produces 100% natural soups based on vegetable surplus from local farmers. Moreover, enVie is a springboard for people who are far from the labor market by supporting them back to the Belgian labour market. After one year, eight people with different backgrounds found their way to enVie. 50.4 tonnes of surplus vegetables were transformed into 100,800 liters of soup. This resulted in a sale of 135,000 bottles of enVie soup (under the Boni Selection brand) in the stores of OKay and OKay Compact. Since March 2019, the soup is also available in a number of Colruyt stores. The social enterprise is facing new challenges for its second year and aims to break even by March 2020.

Although enVie is financially autonomous, the organization is supported by five partners who themselves are also active in both social and environmental initiatives: McCain, Randstad Group, REO Auction, Colruyt Group and the Belgian Federation of Food Banks.

Naomi Smith, social entrepreneur and general manager of enVie: “We can look back on a wonderful first year for enVie. A year in which we worked extremely hard, learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people in the sector. We have created something very special. We are not only the "company" enVie, but also the "family" enVie. Because together we shared very challenging moments and enjoyed the shared successes. The turnover in our first year amounted to 222,132 euros and we more than achieved the production and sales figures for our soups. We originally wanted to hire and train three people in this first year, but we have already done so for eight people. This fits in with our goal as a social organization: we want to offer opportunities to people who are looking for a new start. The plan is now to break even by March 2020. "

Find the full press release in the pdf below (NL and FR).

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