Our soups

enVie soups contain 40-55% fresh vegetables, making them one of the richest ready-to-use soups on the market: a 2L soup contains 1kg of fresh vegetables. These soups are 100% natural, with no additives or colourings.

Each bottle of soup is prepared in the enVie workshops in Brussels with fresh, quality vegetables that come directly from Belgian fields and that have not found takers because there are already too many on the market or because they do not correspond to conventional criterias: a zucchini that is too thin, tomatoes with an odd shape, potatoes that are too small or witloofs with broken leafs.

As long as they are fresh and of high quality, all the vegetables are welcome at enVie!

Leek and potato soup

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Tomato soup with basil

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Cream of Courgette

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Did you know?

One bowl of enVie soup (350ml) contains 175g of fresh vegetables. This is more than half of the daily portion of vegetables recommended by the National Health Council.