REO Veiling

REO Veiling supplies surplus fresh vegetables from Belgian producers.

These vegetables are particularly suitable for the production of soups (courgettes, leeks, celery, tomatoes etc.)

Piet Coysman, cultivateur de tomates membre de REO Veiling :

“We produce between 500 and 600 tonnes of tomatoe. In times of overproduction, we often have to throw away tomatoes, which is, of course, a shame. Thanks to enVie, we can add value to the surplus and are very satisfied with this initiative.”

Dominiek Keerseblick, Commercial Director of REO Veiling:

“As a cooperative of farmers, we believe in the added value of collaboration to address issues such as sustainability and food waste. Thanks to the targeted collaboration of the different partners, we can add value to surplus vegetable and fruits, which represents an added value for us as a producer, for the social enterprise and ultimately also for the consumers.